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Refreshing as rain, as comfortable as bathing, all in the shower

 Introducing the KING TILES shower head with pressurized nozzle, a simple and practical solution to your bathroom needs.  This affordable showerhead is highly adaptable and great in a variety of decor styles, making it a versatile addition to any bathroom.  Humanized design, even the elderly and children can operate it easily without worrying about operating errors.

  • Brand KING TILES
  • Material copper
  • Model number KTA5592、KTA9808、KTA9809
  • Applicable place Home, hotel,Etc.

Product Description

The KING TILES Shower Head with Pressurized Nozzle features a three-function spout that allows you to customize your shower experience to your liking.  The knob can be switched at will, allowing you to flexibly adjust the water flow and water pressure according to your preference.  This level of control ensures you have a personalized and comfortable shower every time.

 Made from 59A brass, this shower head is not only durable but also rust-resistant, giving you peace of mind and long-lasting performance.  You can trust that the KING TILES shower head with pressurized nozzle will maintain its quality and functionality over time, making it a reliable addition to your bathroom.

 Whether you prefer a gentle, relaxing shower or a more refreshing experience, this shower head's boost nozzle feature boosts water pressure for a refreshing, more energizing shower.  This extra boost ensures you can enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.

 The KING TILES Shower Head with Pressurized Spout features a sleek, modern design that complements a variety of bathroom styles, making it a versatile and stylish choice for any home.  Its timeless aesthetic and practical functionality make it the perfect addition to any bathroom decor, adding convenience and elegance to your space.

 In addition to its practical functionality, the KING TILES shower head with booster nozzle is designed with ease of installation in mind, allowing you to easily upgrade your shower experience without the need for complicated tools or professional help.  This user-friendly design ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of this shower head with minimal effort and hassle.

 Overall, the KING TILES Shower Head with Pressurized Nozzle combines practicality, durability, and customizability, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable and versatile shower head.  Upgrade your bathroom with this cost-effective, high-quality solution and enjoy a personalized, luxurious shower experience every time.