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Introduction to types and materials of swimming pool tiles

Introducing KING TILES’ swimming pool tiles.We are committed to providing customers with durable, beautiful and safe swimming pool tile products. Our swimming pool tiles use state-of-the-art production processes and materials to ensure product quality is of the highest standard. Whether it’s a private pool, public pool or spa, KING TILES’ pool tiles can meet your needs.

  • Brand KING TILES
  • size 240*115MM
  • Color White, dark blue, light blue
  • Model number KT115F501、KT115F502、KT115F503
  • Applicable place Home, hotel,Etc.

product description

   KING TILES’ swimming pool tiles are made of high-quality materials and undergo strict quality control and testing to ensure that the products have excellent durability. Our swimming pool tiles can withstand long-term underwater immersion and sunlight, and are not easy to fade, deform or wear, maintaining long-term beauty and functionality.

 The slip resistance of swimming pool tiles is crucial to pool safety. The surface of KING TILES’ swimming pool tiles adopts special anti-slip treatment to ensure good anti-slip effect even in humid environments, effectively reducing the risk of accidental falls and ensuring the safety of pool users.

 Our swimming pool tiles are stylish and diverse in design, able to meet the aesthetic needs of different customers. The products are available in rich colors, and the appropriate colors and styles can be selected according to the customer’s preferences and swimming pool style to create a unique swimming pool decoration effect.

 KING TILES’ swimming pool tiles have a smooth and flat surface, which is not easy to accumulate water and dirt, and is easy to clean and maintain. Users can easily clean the surface of the pool tiles and keep the pool clean and hygienic.

Our swimming pool tiles are produced with environmentally friendly materials, comply with international environmental protection standards, contain no harmful substances, and are harmless to the human body and the environment.

KING TILES’ swimming pool tiles are suitable for various indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spa centers, hot spring resorts and other places. Whether you are building a new pool or renovating an existing pool, we can provide our customers with the most suitable pool tile products and solutions.

KING TILES’ swimming pool tile products are durable, non-slip, beautiful, easy to clean and environmentally friendly, and are suitable for various swimming pool locations. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality swimming pool tile products and professional services, allowing customers to enjoy a safe, comfortable and beautiful swimming pool environment. Choose KING TILES, choose quality and trust.